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Enjoy! Here are some sneak peek photos of these 5 upcoming #Sherlock inspired cheek colors. We honor your many wishes for a shade called “Purple Shirt of Sex”, and hope you love this incredible purple blush as much as we do!

These were taken indoors under halogen lighting, since we have very cloudy weather. These have a smooth duochrome effect and are not overly sparkly or shimmery. “You Should See me in a Crown” has a bit more shimmer than the others. These vibrant shades are silky and smooth, and blend down into a beautiful touch of color with a soft duochrome glow. Once we have sun again (hopefully later in the week) we will do skin swatches showing the color rubbed in, as well as a solid swatch. 

These lovely blushes will be available soon at www.aromaleigh.com

If you can’t wait for your SHERLOCK fix, check out our September release, “Brilliant Deductions” eyeshadow collection- 21 shades of Sherlockian goodness, here: http://www.aromaleigh.com/cosobdeeymy.html

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